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Completed Development Projects

We have successfully completed 15 development projects to date all over the state of Maryland. From new construction to rehabilitating/restoring city row homes, our experience alone will show you why a City Life home is for you.

New Town homes Developments

Albany Grove Albany Grove
Silver Spring, MD
29 Town homes, $14.5M
Aspen Ridge Aspen Ridge
Silver Spring, MD
16 Town homes, $8.5M
Aston Manor Aston Manor
Silver Spring, MD
9 Town homes, $3.6M
Lombard Court Lombard Court
Baltimore, MD
36 Town homes, $18.0M
Rocbury Mews Roxbury Mews
Silver Spring, MD
15 Town homes. $7.5M

Rehabilitation/Restoration of City Row homes


Baltimore Street Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD
14 Homes, $4.3M
Brewers Hill Brewers Hill
Baltimore, MD
11 Homes, $2.6M
Butchers Hill Butchers Hill
Baltimore, MD
3 Homes, $0.7M
Canton Canton
Baltimore, MD
12 Homes, $2.7M
Highlandtown Highlandtown
Baltimore, MD
21 Homes, $4.6M
Maderia Madeira
Baltimore, MD
6 Homes, $1.2M
Noble Street Noble Street
Baltimore, MD
10 Homes, $2.2M
Patterson Park Patterson Park
Baltimore, MD
9 Homes, $1.4M
Pratt Street Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD
3 Homes, $1.2M
EBDI EBDI, Commercial Development and Stabilization
8,000SF Office Conversion